Talk/Performances @ WILD WORLD FESTIVAL 27th-31st MAY 2022

I am very pleased to announce my involvement with Wild World Festival in Hay this May! I will be giving a talk on ‘The Power of Improvisation’, sharing in my journeys experiences improvisation describing my journey through the practice of improvisation.

I am excited to be a part of Wild World Festival this year and to have the opportunity to share with you my music as well as a talk on the Power Of Improvisation and take you on a journey of a self taught discipline that has improvisation at the heart of the journey. I look forward to sharing with you about how the power of improvisation in my own life and methodology, on and off stage, supported a leaning into fear of the unknown, unlocking creativity and a sensitivity to finding the vehicle that communicates and connects beyond words! 

I will also share with you an improvised performance, informed by the time and space we will share together. 

Singing is the vehicle I found that transcends language barriers which dared me to take centre stage, hold a microphone, close my eyes, trust that something would happen, open my mouth and sing something! That moment changed my life forever and I had also found a new gift from leaning into the fear of the unknown. Fear of the unknown is always there when I begin but it does not have to inform what I do next in a negative way, on the contrary, it is a sign that something fantastic is just behind it if I just decide to do it anyway….. and wait, wait patiently for the impulse. Then bam! Something comes. 

It is an honour to have the space at Wild World festival to share something of the unknown and a unique moment with you, never to be witnessed or shared in that way again. You are of great importance as you, my audience, inform and guide me to what is needed in that moment, just by being there with me. 

Singing is my soul’s dream, realised. I could have missed it. I am so grateful to have found what I feel is my purpose in life.

I will also be forming my original music, being joined by the very talented Stuart Oliver on guitar. 

…….as well as performing with my full live Jazz band.

Priscilla xxx

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